Webinar: Segmentation is Everything: Mathematically- it's Actually More! featuring Steven Simpson PhD.


  • Understand why member segmentation is critical.
  • Take away three actions to immediately increase member contribution while 


Segmentation is everything: mathematically it’s actually more than everything.  For credit unions, an extreme minority of members produce an extreme majority of a) gross member contribution b) interchange income c) fee income and more.  For the ultimate personalized member service, wouldn’t it be great to see members as a segment of ONE?

When formulating a measured action plan to grow the credit union, a focus on deposits, or loans, or extend the average life of members through service, there are several segments that you should focus on because the message, approach, channel, and timing will vary by segment!  Consider how actions will differ for the top 5% of member contribution or for members in the on-boarding process versus 2 or 10 year relationships.  How about millennial versus executive versus retiree?

These segments require a measure of member contribution, engagement, retention and categorical assignment based on type of member, age, whether they prefer traditional marketing or digital.  Measured action then ranges from simple analytics to machine learning.

Discover how advanced analytics makes it easier to identify the "low hanging fruit" for an immediate ROI. In this webinar we’ll discuss three take segments you can easily identify for action to increase deposits and improve member service.


Steven Simpson.jpgSteven Simpson, PhD: your outsourced Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer


CEO of FinTech DS+C. Steven is an experienced banker, consultant and University Professor, with over thirty-years of experience working with financial institutions. He’s passionate about helping credit unions succeed by leveling the advanced analytics playing field.

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