Webinar: The Deep Future Analytics CECL Study: Alternatives, Impacts, Accuracy and Complexity

Deep Future Analytics, an advanced analytics CUSO that provides modeling, data pooling, and CECL analysis for credit unions, is pleased to announce a webinar presenting the findings of its CECL Study that was funded by OnApproach, NAFCU, Allied Solutions, and others to explore the best modeling approaches for CECL. The new loan loss estimation rules, CECL, present unique challenges to credit unions no matter their size.  Which models should be used?  Which options should be employed?  How should the CU adjust the portfolio in response to the new CECL guidelines.

Being able to choose options that will create such different answers puts the burden on lenders not only to choose the most appropriate options for their portfolios, but to also defend that choice to validators, auditors and examiners.

This webinar will shed light on these questions, and assist your organization making its important decisions regarding CECL.

View the webinar to learn:

  • General understanding of the CECL guidelines
  • The accuracy of the different models
  • The effect of using discounting
  • Accuracy versus complexity
  • Final loss reserve calculation – which options have the largest impact
  • Magnitude of change from old rules to new guidelines of CECL

View the Webinar Recording