Watch the "Unraveling CECL and a practical Approach to adoption" webinar recording

Considered as the "most sweeping change to bank accounting ever," this session will feature expert analysis of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's new Current Expected Credit Loss(CECL) impairment standard, which requires "life of loan" estimates of losses to be recorded for loans at origination, so you can ensure that your financial institution is prepared.

What Attendees Will Learn:
• Analysis of the key changes brought by CECL guidelines
• What does the CECL rule mean to your financial institution and its potential impact on your balance sheet & income statement
• Why data is the cornerstone of successful CECL implementation
• Various methodologies and their respective data requirements
• Changes in reporting & disclosures under CECL regime
• Action plans and potential next steps for your financial institution

Peter Cherpack, CEO, Ardmore Fintellix
Sunny Malhi, COO, Ardmore Fintellix

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