Win the War for Deposits

Economics and rising interest rates are driving competition for deposits growth to levels we haven’t seen in a decade. Soaring Loan to Share ratios are moving deposit growth to the top of the C-suite agenda. Yet the focus of most CUs has largely been on credit, payments and compliance. There’s a burning need for innovation in the deposits space. Do you have the competitive advantage you need to win the war for deposits?

This webinar explores the deposits landscape, highlights the strategic value of deposits, and looks at how accessible, actionable and affordable analytic capabilities can help you grow deposits profitably. Strategic and tactical actions discussed include:

• Maximizing contributions from existing members
• Improving cross-selling of your portfolio
• Increasing deposit retention
• Gaining insights into your customer behavior and changing preferences.

Mary Derango of OnApproach partner FlowTracker Analytics is joined by subject matter experts Boris Masip and Dave McNab in this informative 60 minute exploration of the why and how of winning the war for deposits.



Dave McNab, CEO, FlowTracker Analytics

Dave is a Banker, Strategist and creator of the FlowTracker analysis framework. He is our business leader, primary evangelist and lead advisor to Financial Services Executives. 



Mary Derango, CMO, FlowTracker Analytics

Mary has extensive experience as an Executive Consultant in Strategy & Analytics, Program and Portfolio Management, primarily in the Banking and Finance sector.



Boris Masip, COO, FlowTracker Analytics

Boris is a Business Transformation professional with a deep background in customer experience, operational strategy and change management in Banks and Credit Unions.

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